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Top Cheugy Fashion Trends You’ve Probably Tried


If you’ve been to TikTok recently, you might have heard the word “cheugy” used. The term was first used through users Hallie Cain in a later deleted video in which she addressed an individual searching for a tour to define “the kind of person who gets married when they’re 20” or possesses “girl boss enthusiasm.” The answer was”cheugy.

It’s not easy to establish an exact definition of the term. Think of it as a description for those described by the term “basic,” but with the added benefit of self-awareness. It’s the case that the Instagram Cheug Life account on Instagram Cheug Life defines a “cheug” (noun) as a “person who’s following outdated trends, usually derived from trends which were the norm in middle school and the high schools.” They are the ones who, without irony, put up “Live and Laugh, Love” signs in their homes or caption pictures with funny phrases that border to cringe. It’s just a step away from the fraternity or sorority look and is based on confidence.

It’s been said that many balance between the basic and the comfortable by accepting things from childhood for an underlying sense of security. However, there’s a clear image of what constitutes an edgy look, with a few styles that we’ve all been victim to at one point or another. Find out your cheug score by examining these indisputably fashion-forward trends.

Skinny Jeans

TikTok, as well as Generation Z, have already declared skinny jeans to be an old fashion. If you’re still wearing them, you’re an opportunist.

Double-G Gucci Belts

Gucci logo belts were a sought-after accessory in the decade of the 2010s. In reality, finding a celeb or fashionista who didn’t have one was hard. However, their association with the mentioned “girl boss energy” makes this famous belt right in the”cheug” zone.

Golden Goose Sneakers

This one needs less explanation, and it’s more like an “ah-ha!” For quite a while, Golden Goose sneakers have been the focus of a well-meaning joke within fashion circles. They’re the high-end sneakers that everyone wants, but no one can explain the reason. The answer is simple the truth: they’re not expensive.

Ugg Boots

Uggs were your shoe of choice during middle school. It is possible that you wore them through the high school years and into college. While Ugg is full of stylish styles to match the current fashions, these aren’t the style for you.

Ankle Block Heel Strap

Although newer trendy, more stylish, and cute heels are available, the ankle strap has earned its place in our closets. They are suitable for any kind of formal or semi-formal occasion, from an elegant dinner party to a wedding. The various colours and heights mean you can find a pair that fits every person. It could be that everyone has one of these. However, it’s probably due to a motive, right?

T-shirts with Pop Culture Graphics

Sure, Graphic t-shirts which reference films, TV shows, or other pop culture phenomena are often criticized as cheesy; however, we think they’re adorable. Give yourself a treat if you find a t-shirt with the title of your favourite TV show on Etsy, which brings joy to your eyes.

Viva La Juicy

Although it’s not a trendy fashion, it’s a popular scent. Viva La Juicy perfume was one of the most loved scents in 2010. From its edgy floral scent to its bright package, the smell reminds you of your 8th-grade hairstyles and French braids for your pals’ hair in the living room.

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