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The One And Only Wedding Checklist You’ll Need On Your Special Day


Did you know there are more than 1 million weddings within the United States? If you’re a newly engaged couple, congratulations! It’s now time to begin making plans for your wedding to ensure that you get your ideal wedding.

This wedding checklist to ensure you don’t overlook any important details in your wedding planning. Learn more about the checklist below.


First thing to decide is what amount you’re willing to spend. Before you get started with the remainder of the checklist we strongly suggest meeting with your spouse and determining the budget you have set, for instance, if you’re planning to cover the cost of your wedding.

If your parents pay for it, then discuss the matter with them and ensure that you’re at the same place with regards to the amount you’re able to spend. This will be a lot easier when it comes to deciding on things like the menu, venue, photos and outfits, etc.


If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue to accommodate your guests and help your wedding dream be a reality, you should begin exploring venues as soon as you can. Make a list of the venues you love and set appointments to visit them.

Typically, it is best to begin the process of scouting an event at the very least a year before the date. Consider aspects like the size of the venue setting, ambience and more. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive option, make sure you verify what is going to include in your cost.


If the venue you are planning to use doesn’t provide catering services, you’ll need to look for caterers close to the venue. Being sure that your food will be delicious is essential for ensuring that your wedding day is successful. It is recommended to locate caterers who offer tasting to ensure that you not just taste their food, but also witness the presentation of their food.

Your caterer should be able to provide alternatives like traditional sit down meals or buffets. Also, check whether they can provide an appetizers and hors d’oeuvres menu.

Wedding Officiant:

If you want to be legally marri, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license. It must be sign and delivered by the officiant who is marrying you. If you’re a member of an organized church, you may inquire if there’s a priest who can officiate your wedding. If not, ask your family and friends for recommendations. they could suggest.

A few couples ask their friends for their permission to become ordained , so that they may officiate at the wedding ceremony. Remember that about one month prior to the wedding, you’ll have to obtain an official marriage license from the county clerk’s office in your area. The cost for the license is contingent on where you live and in certain counties, you must schedule an appointment prior to showing up.

There are several states that require couples to take an examination for blood in order to obtain their marriage certificate. If you reside in any of those states be sure you’re aware of the length of anticipation you must submit your application for a license.

Talk to an Counselor:

The average person doesn’t wish to be marri only in the hopes of filing for divorce later on. This is why we suggest searching on the internet for ” marriage counseling near me.” A counselor can assist you in establishing your relationship and improve before you say, “I Do.”

This is an excellent option to begin your marriage, as you can talk about issues like boundaries, finances and trust issues. A counselor who is familiar with helping couples will lower the chance of you getting divorced in the near future.


The process of trying on wedding dresses or suits is always enjoyable. However, you shouldn’t put it off until the very last moment. Particularly if you’re looking for a dress, as the likelihood is that you’ll require a dress from the manufacturer, which can take a long time.

Additionally, changes will require time, regardless of whether you’re wearing a dress or suit. You should be patient when selecting the right attire for your wedding. Make sure you make your purchases in advance.


If you’re planning on exchanging rings in your wedding ceremony, Make sure to go to the top jewelry stores in your region. Try on rings together and determine what you are most passionate about. Keep your personal style in mind, and don’t leave this to the last minute in the event that your rings require adjustments.

You may also opt to get them engrave with your wedding date inside the band prior to your big day.

Photographer and Videographer:

Your photographer and videographer could determine the quality of your wedding day memories. Spend the time looking at their portfolios to determine what you like about their style. Also, inquire whether they’re willing to accept the kind of photography you’re looking for.

For instance, you could select from candid photos as well as traditional styled images or a mix of both. It is crucial to clearly communicate the message you wish to be capturing that moment. So that you don’t get disappoint when you get the final photos and videos.

Are You Ready to Tackle This Wedding Checklist?

With the wedding checklist, you are able to begin planning the wedding you can imagine. Weddings are a wonderful celebration of love and there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed when planning your ideal wedding day.

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