Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hello, here are the rules that govern the use of information and knowledge. When you visit the site(Commongro) you agree that you will be bound to these terms and terms in their entirety. If you aren’t satisfied with these conditions or the scenarios that are discussed on this website, don’t access the Commongro section.

These are the conditions and terms that apply to all of us.


We consent to the use of cookies. When you access the Commongro website , you are agreeing to the use of cookies as per the privacy policies of Commongro.

Like the previous example numerous websites that are advanced utilize cookies to collect personal information on each visit. Cookies are also utilized in certain areas of our website to enhance the user experience of our website and make it easier for users to use. Cookies are also used by our affiliates or marketing partners.


Unless otherwise stated, Commongro and/or its affiliates hold their intellectual property rights over all Commongro information. The intellectual property rights of all Commongroaffiliates are protected. You may also browse or print Commongro pages for personal usage, but only if you follow the guidelines laid out in these terms and conditions of service.

You’ll no longer need to:

  • Republish information derived from knowledge sources
  • Lease, sell, or sublease content
  • Reproduction or replication of knowledge

User Remarks

Customers can post and exchange views, comments and other data (‘Comments’) in certain areas of the website. Commongro cannot review the Comments and edit them prior to publication. and publish or review Comments prior to publishing them on its site. Comments do not reflect the views or opinions of Commongro or its affiliates, advertising partners or advertisers.

Commongro is the person who has the authority to review all comments and to delete any comment it finds indecent, offensive or in any other way in violation of these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion.

Rights Reservations

However we have the right to demand the removal of all links at any time and at our discretion. If you are in compliance with any order from us, you will be ordered to immediately take all links to our website from the Internet. Furthermore, we can change our terms and conditions of service as well as the policy for connection at any point. If you decide to continue using the hyperlink on this website, ensure that you comply with the linking terms stipulated by the service provider.

Guest Post

We are open to guest posts to be published on our website. There are some conditions and guidelines that must be adhered to. In addition, you must submit a 1000-word piece that is original and also as informative and not aimed to be used for promotion. There are also strict anchoring rules that we need to follow. At the end of the day we can utilize simple anchors like click here, browse more at this website, yoursite.com, your site identity, brand names, and the like. A single do-follow link is allowed.