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Most Popular Vape Models To Follow on Instagram


Do you want to know the most popular vape models on Instagram?

Vape models are what make the vape culture swell. The vape models are entrepreneurs, and talents that are on Instagram along with other online social platforms that every vaper would like to follow and become.

These hot girls promote vape brands. They can promote their own brands or they are working for the vape stores you love and vape retailers.

If you are a fan of vaping, these are the top ten vape models that you should follow. But before you start go through the ultimate vape store.

Here are the Top Vape Models to be Following on Instagram. 

Each one has their own style, and have thousands, and possibly millions of followers.

Let’s smoke!

1. @pandorablue

In Orlando, Floria, Pandorablue is the queen of vaping, with 1.6 million fans. She offers a wide range of vape juices that you’ll enjoy and also creates a fun community vibe on the comments on her Instagram posts.

The hot model is getting the attention of everyone. She’s currently the most popular fashion vaper on Instagram and also the most talked about promoter.

2. @misaliaa

Misaliaa is a beautiful and skilled vape artist from Malaysia. She’s young and has lots of tricks that she shows the Instagram followers.

What is important to her is the quality of her work. Her blog posts about performance. With more than 232k followers on Twitter, she knows how to make things happen.

Her fans appreciate their efforts in putting together a great performance. They are aware of the hard work she puts in to bring it all together.

The videos she has posted show that you don’t need the most advanced video editing skills to make an appealing video. Most important is ability, which she certainly is. The people who follow her know that she is dedicated to her fans.

3. @dose.of.farrah

Farrah looks like the girl next to her. She is a charming and wholesome woman which she showcases in the Instagram page. While she appears humble and modest the vape promoter is among the most well-known models in the vaping world.

If you visit the Dose on the Farrah Instagram page You’ll find daily posts and she also has lots of advertisements and sponsored content. There are also giveaways every now and then.

She’s a professional at selling vaping products. This gorgeous model makes use of high-quality images that were taken both inside and outdoors. They appear to attract the attention of the vaping community.

With her beautiful, imaginative photos and free items It’s no wonder she’s created her own Instagram following of over 230k people.

4. @justpeachyy

Peachyy isn’t the girl next to you. Her tattoos, piercings, and vaping are her trademark. Also known as Hannah just peachyy, she has written hundreds of Instagram posts.

Her sexy, girly vibe draws the attention of her 120k followers. She’s smart, dumb and a great promoter. Many brands that offer mods and juices support her blog posts. Her pictures are amazing.

Even though she’s got the attitude of a bad girl, that doesn’t stop her from expressing her gratitude to her fans for all the praise they shower her with. She’s also great at answering questions regarding the content.

5. @wannatashaa

Natasha is the most renowned vape trickster. She is also a model for vapes with the ability that her fans want. Look through her Instagram posts. They’re full of endless vape tips.

The method Natasha performs has viewers think. Is this authentic or are they creating computer-generated images with tech effects?

Natasha is a hard worker at making her posts focussed on her performances that she showcases to her nearly 107k Instagram followers. She doesn’t spend time trying to be too provocative, as she doesn’t have to.

This is among the reasons why she has gained respect and recognition from vaper influencers who are important.

6. @priscillacrystalg

If you’re looking for sexual sexiness in order to encourage vaping, this model does it. She entices 89.7k followers to join vaping in a variety of ways. Her photos are hot everywhere.

One thing’s for certain: she’s able to be a successful promoter. While she’s hot yet elegant, she also combines the best of taste and seduction as she sells her juices as well as models in the most fashionable clothes.

Her pictures show a variety of juice flavors as she vapes, causing her 89.7k followers to pay attention.

Take a look at her Instagram page and you’ll find thousands of followers and a comments section that is always flooded with compliments and interesting questions.

7. @vaping.rose

The Filipino vape model from the Philippines , Elyssa Rose (vaping.rose) is able to enjoy her 71.1K followers’ pleasure by promoting products she likes. Her pictures are diverse and well-structured. They’re not exactly controversial, but she definitely delights her viewers.

She keeps her followers informed about the latest discounts, unveils new juices for vaping and lets her know the latest news. If it’s through her awesome pictures or her content that is engaging, she will keep them engaged.

Her fans don’t just have the chance to view her pictures, but also learn about sales as well as new juices and vapes and events coming up. The gorgeous vape model is a pro at promoting and delight her followers.

8. @valerie.w33

Another famous trick-maker, Valerie impresses 32.9K followers each time she posts. Valerie is a vape promoter and performer who is bringing vaping’s skills to a new level.

Her loyal fans want to know more and are constantly wondering what her next trick is likely to come up with. Apart from the tricks she uses, Valerie treats her fans with giveaways occasionally and writes reviews on products.

She is an extremely well-known and well-loved vape model for those who want to become vapers. Her comments section is usually filled with lovely compliments about her talents.

9. @ohmmywattsup

Ohmmywgattsup or Chrystianna is the love of 31.23k loyal fans. She is the leader of the next generation of vapers using techniques and skills. With her in the mix you can be sure that what’s coming in vaping is full of huge potential.

She will always have an assistant by her side. The model is consistent in posting content. In her Instagram profile, visitors will find new products, as well as some incredible vape tricks.

10. @alliembers_

Alli Embers has a special ability to blend vape, food and the natural world in her pictures. She captivates 19.1k Instagram followers each time she posts a new article.

This model for vape spends her time promoting various products from several vape brands. She’s inventive in her photo presentation and has an aesthetic which can include some amazing techniques.

The Takeaway on the Most  Popular Vape Models

Now you are aware of the top 10 vape models to be following on Instagram. These gorgeous women are the ultimate tricksters as well as influencers and promoters in the world of the sale of everything vape.

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