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18 of the Best Hangers for Clothes in 2022


It’s not worth it to shell out on a jumble of plastic or cheap wire clothes hangers. If you truly are a fan of your clothes, you must store and display them with pride. You can do this by investing in high-end, compatible clothes hangers.

Quality clothes hangers that last a long time can prolong the life of your clothes, as well as bring some flair to a boring wardrobe. However, there are many hangers that aren’t designed equally. Some hangers are more suitable for specific kinds of clothing, while others are better specifically designed for certain age groups.

How do you choose which is the best fit for your wardrobe?

In this article, we’ll review the top hangers for clothes that are available divided by garment kind, material, and size.

What are the best Hangers for clothes?

There are numerous kinds of hangers for clothes. The common hangers made of plastic hangers or wire hangers you’ve encountered at the mall don’t last for several years or to preserve the integrity of your clothes. They’re designed to showcase clothing for just a brief period of time and at a very low cost.

If you’re looking to increase the longevity of your clothing then you should purchase clothes hangers that fit the type of clothes you own. Like clothing, hangers can be found in various dimensions and shapes. They shouldn’t be considered to be a “one size will fit all” product.

However, the distinction between hangers can add an element of confusion in your closet. We’re going to tackle the issue and look at the top hangers:

  • In terms of clothing type
  • By material
  • Size of the item

Best Hangers for Type of Clothing

Best Hangers for Pants

A perfect hanging rack for pants is made of strong metal with straight edges. When a hanger for your pants is designed this way it will ensure that your garments can be hung without wrinkles or sagging. Also, creases will not get damaged or wrongly aligned.

Luckily, the Black Velvet Touch 4-Step Hanger is a great solution. These durable hangers for clothes are made to support the weight of five pairs of leggings, trousers or slacks, jeans, dress pants, and even neckties. Each hanger is coated with silicone that is non-slip and rust-proof.

The best part is that these pants hangers are backed by 30 days of money-back assurance to give you confidence. Give yourself these top-quality pants hangers to make the most of your closet space. They can also serve as quick space for 16 pairs of pants.

Best Hanger for Skirts

You don’t want to ruin the look of your favorite skirt for a special night out when they slide off your hanger and falls to the floor. That’s why it’s important to purchase high-quality silicone-based clothing hangers for your skirts. They don’t leave streaks of smudges on the fabric or let your skirt fall off or slide off.

We recommend using our 17 1/2″ Black Stationary Bar Hanger. These versatile hangers are designed to support all the burdens of a heavy weave skirt or suit jacket.

The hangers are heavy and constructed of solid wood and chrome hook. Because they don’t have any clamps you won’t need to be concerned about snags or stretching when hanging these hangers.

The wood finish is adorned with a varnish made of silicone which allows clothes to glide smoothly over its surface. This keeps the fabric from snagging and clothing from sliding from the hanging rack. The non-slip surface and the smooth coating make this hanger suitable for skirts, skirts, and business suits.

Another option for hanging your skirt for those who have smaller closets is this 15″ chrome plated hanging skirt.

It is able to hold up to five skirts and it comes with clamps that are adjustable so that you can adjust the spacing between clothes. It is also a great option with blouses, ties, shirts, and hoodies.

The best hangers for suits and Jackets

The typical suit is much heavier than a T-shirt. This is why it’s essential to choose hangers that can support the weight of larger things like the jacket of a suit.

There is nothing that can ruin your impression at a crucial customer meeting or job interview as getting your freshly cleaned suit to drop off of a hanger that isn’t worth the cost and fall to the floor in an untidy mess.

To avoid an embarrassing fashion faux pas or wardrobe mishap take a look at acquiring an assortment of wooden Suit Hangers with stationary bars. These hangers for heavy-duty clothing measure 18 inches in length making them the perfect solution for larger clothes such as jackets and suits.

The best part is that the hanger is as stylish as your dress because it comes with a stunning cherry glossy finish.

There is an unmoving pant or skirt bar that can extend the width that the hanger can be. It makes the hanger a perfect storage solution for heavy pants and wool suits.

The hanger has an elongated surface and flared ends to provide an ideal shoulder shape, and gorgeous cherrywood covering with a sturdy metal hook.

Best Hangers for Sweaters

You shouldn’t skimp hanging hangers to hold your collection of sweaters. If you choose to use cheap hangers made of wire or plastic you could end up having sweaters with loose necks. To ensure that your sweaters look stylish and comfy, select a wood or fabric-based hanger that has shoulder rounded.

To ensure that your clothes look the best, we suggest choosing the 16” high polished white hanger. The coat hangers are stylish white colors and have rubber grips at the ends to prevent garments from sliding onto the floor.

Around a half-inch thick these wooden hangers for sweaters have chrome hardware hooks, which give them a modern design.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to store your hoodies, sweaters, or pullovers, buy 25-pack hangers in white. Because they’re made of wood, you won’t need to be concerned about breaking or breaking in the course of time. Instead, you can hang your clothes with confidence, being confident that they’ll hold their weight for many years to become.

Best Hangers for Shirts

It is no surprise that shirts take up the majority of closet space. This is why it’s crucial to purchase top-quality shirt hangers. If we don’t, we’ll get our clothes bent or our necks hanging down like the V-neck.

To save space in your wardrobe, think about buying the 10-pack of hanging velvet hangers that cascade. The slim design is made to maximize the space in your closet without sacrificing quality. The best part is that the strong structure can hold up to 10 pounds.

No matter what the size or weight of your garment You can be sure that these hangers will do the job and will not lose their grip or add unnecessary weight to your closet.

Best Hangers for T-Shirts

There’s a good chance you have several t-shirts lying in your dresser or closet. If you allow them to sit for a long time, you’ll find a pile of wrinkled, creased t-shirts which will not look great when you put them on.

To keep your collection of t-shirts looking as fresh as the day you bought them, you should consider purchasing a package of Black Velvet Touch Shirt Hangers. They are constructed of light velvet that allows for preventing slippage and a slim and sleek frame.

Because t-shirts are fragile items and delicate, these hangers made of velvet are made to shield your shirts from stretching and tears.

If you are looking for a wrinkle-free T-shirt then this black velvet hanger for clothes ought to be your first option. For a reasonable price, the hangers are an elegant addition to your closet, without taking up space. The adjustable chrome hook allows you to hang them from a shower rod or towel bar the bathroom door, the car handle, and anywhere else you’re.

Best Coat Hangers

Don’t use ordinary hanging wires to hang your bulky jackets and coats outdoors. Instead, use high-quality wood coat hangers to support heavy coats for months or even years at a time, without slumping or sliding.

To help support heavy coats, we recommend using Cherry Wood Hangers. These hangers do not just provide elegance and class in your wardrobe, but also are able to hold heavier items of clothing such as heavy jackets and coats.

The hangers feature a luxurious mahogany finish. The structure is constructed of alder and hardwood maple. Furthermore, the 360-degree swivel hanger allows you to choose the best position for hanging your coat.

The best hangers for belts and Ties

The most efficient hangers that can be used for belts, as well as tie hangers, are those that have clasps or a strong crossbar to allow ties to fold up. Like the top hangers for pants or the best hangers for skirts, building the construction of your hangers should be your first goal.

We suggest you purchase this Non-Slip Belt Hanger or Tie Organizer to get yourself 16-rod hooks and bars for your closet.

With this handy device, you can put up as many as 18 of your favorite belts or ties, without fretting about them falling off or getting lost in the drawers of your dresser.

Best Hangers for Scarves

A lightweight design should allow for scarf hangers to be placed in on the side of the closet, without taking up too much space or drawing attention.

If you are looking for a stylish and light scarves hanger that is stylish and lightweight, we recommend using this black velvet scarf hanger.

In a fraction of the weight of a traditional metal and wire hanger item comes with 11 stylish loops from where you can hang, arrange and display your scarves.

In Material

Best Velvet Hangers

Sometimes referred to as “flocked hangers” velvet hangers can be great for smaller closets that do not have the space required by larger wardrobes because velvet is a light and thin material.

To make your wardrobe look more attractive We suggest white as well as black velvet hangers. The hangers have the option of incorporating the trouser bar, clips, or cascading designs to hang several clothing items on one hanging space.

Make sure to grab these hangers in case you want to keep your closet looking great without spending a fortune.

Best Wooden Hangers

Since wooden hangers aren’t likely to move or break, you can feel secure knowing that they will hold the heaviest clothes like coats and sport jackets.

To get the most durable wooden hangers, you should consider purchasing a Natural Wooden Hangers with A Stationary Bar.

The hangers feature a classic wooden look and 17-inch trouser bar , so you can hang your pants and skirts without having to worry about them falling off and sliding. In addition, their concave form is perfect for the jackets and shirts.

Best Hangers for Plastic

While they are not the ideal alternative for heavy items of clothing like a suitor jacket plastic hangers for clothes are a good choice for those who need something cost-effective to hang light items like shorts and shirt.

The primary issue with hanging clothes made of plastic is that they are heavier than metal or wire hangers. This can be difficult to store in small space.

Make sure you treat your t-shirts as well as your lightweight tops with the most durable plastic hangers available. These standard everyday Black Plastic Hangers are the ideal size for sweaters and shirts that are lightweight and are made of strong plastic that is able to hook straps onto their edges to stop slips.

Best Metal Hangers

Metal hangers can hold loads of weight, without breaking or sliding. This is why most people choose metal hangers to store larger, heavier-weight clothes.

For the most durable hangers made of metal buy an 8-pack of these durable Chrome hangers. These hangers not only fit in with the style of every wardrobe and are durable enough to hold the weightiest coats. They also won’t clutter up any space in your closet.

The Best Fabric Hangers

Fabric hangers are the ideal lightweight solution for delicate clothes which require gentle handling.

For your most delicate apparel, consider picking up a pack of Satin Boutique Hangers.

The hangers feature an attractive bow on the top. They can handle the delicate, delicate clothes without causing tears and tears.

by Shape, Size and Form

Best Slim Hangers

If you are confined to a closet space, consider buying hangers with a slim, sleek profiles. For the most efficient hangers, think about metal or plastic construction. The types of hangers you can choose from tend to be slimmer and lighter.

We suggest the vinyl Coated Wire Metal Hangers. They have been coated in vinyl so as to stop them from sliding they are one of the most slim hangers available.

Best Travel Hangers

When you travel, you’ll have to be able hang your clothes even if there isn’t access closets or wardrobes. So, flexibility is the main factor to consider when choosing the ideal hangers for travel.

To get the most value for your money get this Garment Storage Clothes that has Shelving.

The portable shelving unit gives the space to hang your clothes and pants traveling It is also portable and foldable.

The Best Hangers for Kids and children’s Clothes

Letting kids’ clothes hang on large hangers could damage the clothing and render them in a state of disrepair.

To protect yourself from the possibility of damage, we recommend this Metal Coat Hangers for Clothes with Plastic Coating.

The hangers are coated with a protective plastic. They also have a an appealing multicolored finish that kids will love.

The Best Hangers for baby Clothes

Because a baby’s clothing is much smaller, you require baby-sized hangers to hang their clothes.

To get the most value for money We suggest purchasing pink Baby Kids Plastic Children’s Hangers.

These plastic hangers are ideal for a young girl or boy who wants something lightweight to hang their clothes.

What Hangers Will You Try?

It is clear that there isn’t a “one size will fit all” way to purchase hangers for clothing. It is important to consider things like type of clothing size, fabric and size when selecting the right hangers to fit your needs.

It’s easy to understand but you make the wrong choice and you could be left with stretched clothes or creased jeans lying in a pile across the flooring. Avoid these wardrobe problems by investing in one of the hangers listed above.

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