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Area Code 423 Details Time Zone, Location, Scams?


If you receive a call from an unknown number 423 for the first time what doubts could arise inside your brain? Are you unsure of the location of the person calling, the number’s authenticity, and whether it’s an actual scam or not, and many more should be high on the list?

What number is 423? And from where does it originally come?

Since 1995, the Tennessee area code has been a part of the United States of America. Initially, the code was 901 when it was first introduced in 1947 as part of the North American Numbering Plan. In 1954, this region code was rearranged to encompass West Tennessee while the Eastern Tennessee portion that includes Chattanooga as well as Tri-Cities, Tri-Cities along with Knoxville was given the area code 615 in order to be separated as the area code 423. The unique and non-contiguous state of Tennessee will continue to have area code 423 until 2027, according to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

Is 423 a Scam?

Area Code 423

In the present era of high-volume calls, the risk of being a victim of fraud and the necessity of being on alert can’t be eliminated. In the case of area code 423, there is a security precaution.

If you suspect a phony phone call or annoying text message coming from the area code 423 just run a reverse lookup of any phone number beginning with 423 to discover what other users have said about the call. This is provided by CallerSmart users.

Are Area Code 423 toll-free?

There are quite a few area codes, including 800 833, 833, and 844. 8, 877, 855, and 888. These numbers are generally connected to multiple customer service lines but could be utilized by other organizations as well.

They are also regulated by the FCC which is also known as the Federal Communications Commission. Unfortunately, Tennessee’s list of area codes with toll-free numbers does not include the 423 area code.

423 Area Code Time Zone

Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT-6:00 hours

The Daylight Saving Time: +1:00 hour

Time Zone Offset: Current Time Zone Offset: UTC/GMT -5:00 hours

Time Zone Abbreviation The abbreviation for the time zone is CDT.

423 Area Code Map

How do you block unwanted calls from 423

You can take the following actions to stop getting calls from the 423 number:

To iPhone users:

  1. Select the circled ‘i’ in the menu for calls.
  2. Click on “more information”
  3. Click on “block this number, and that’s it.

For Android users:

  1. Calls to recent
  2. Click on the ‘details’ tab
  3. Select ‘block number’, and you’re done.

How do I obtain my own 423 business number?

Although the area code 423 may not be toll-free, having your own business phone number is possible because it is a method of building a relationship with your customers since you can contact your customers from anywhere in the world, just as they can call you from any location.

Which is Nashville Tennessee’s zone code?

Area code 615 for Nashville/Area codes

Area Code 423

Area codes 615, as well as 629, constitute the area codes located in Tennessee that serve Nashville (Davidson County) and the 12 adjacent counties. 615 is the principal area code, and 629 is an overlay that covers the exact area which started service in the year 2014.


Based on the information in this article, you are able to conclude without a doubt that your interest in 423’s area code has been addressed in such a way that you don’t end up getting irritated every time a number 423 appears.

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