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Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment


It’s been stated many times that it’s true, but it’s worth being repeated. Poor sound quality is an even bigger turn-off for videos than bad quality. If you rely on your camera’s microphone to provide sound, you’ll likely be disappointed in the end.

Are you looking to increase your audio performance to the highest level by improving the quality of your audio? Read our review of the top Action camera microphones.

How to Attach an External Microphone

The first obstacle to conquer is the absence of an audio connector. You must connect your audio signal to your camera. There is no external audio input port in activity cameras. That means that you’ll need an adapter for your microphone to connect the microphone to an external source. However, with certain older or smaller camera models, it may not even be a choice that is available.

The review presumes that compact size is an important consideration when it comes to action cameras. Each of these external microphones will join an audio recorder; however, that’s not the primary subject of this review.

What is the Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

In this article, we’ll examine two types of microphones you can choose from for your action camera: shotgun and lavalier. Which one is best for you depends on the needs of your camera.

Microphones gather sound in a similar way, however, they are made for different uses. An action camera microphone attachment is likely to be Omnidirectional. It collects the sound of all sources. However, they are able to capture the sound of a 180-degree field.

Rode Wireless Go II

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Rode is a reputable manufacturer of audio equipment. Their Wireless Go II is an excellent illustration of why they’re so well-known. There are two variants that come with two or one transmitter.

They’re compact and square. They are also easily mobile. The transmitter is attached to the clothing of the person wearing it while the receiver can be mounted on the inside of a shoe that is cold or hot. It is also necessary for the receiver to be connected to your 3.55 input port on your adapter of choice.

The range of transmission for wireless is described as 660′ (200 m). In reality, anything greater than 330′ (100 m) should not pose a problem. The transmitter has the onboard recording. It means that you won’t be able to record audio even when the transmission fails.


Action Camera Microphone Attachment

This DJI Mic is specifically designed to work using the DJI Osmo Action. It includes an adapter for cold shoes that allows users to connect it alongside other cameras, including the action cameras you own. They can be kept in a sturdy charging case. This makes the process of transporting pairing, charging, and transferring the devices easy.

It is possible to clip the transmitters to clothes. If that’s not feasible the transmitters also come with a magnetic mount. This is a great option for an unbuttoned T-shirt, for instance.

The battery’s life span is 15 hours and will last longer than the recording time of every action camera microphone attachment. The dead cats included can lessen the sound of the wind.

Synco G2

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

I’m including it as a possible contender for the best external microphones at a reasonable price field. The Synco G2 operates on the same principles as the earlier microphones. It’s only missing the recording onboard, which means that if the audio quality drops, you’ll lose that part of the recording. It doesn’t even come with a safety track.

When you listen to an audio mix of the Synco G2 and Rode Wireless Go II one-to-one The Road has better sound quality. It has less background noise and the audio is more vibrant. The Rode offers superior audio quality than its predecessor, the Synco G2.

Movo VXR10 Pro

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Its Movo VXR10 Pro shotgun microphone is a compact shock-mounted shotgun microphone. It includes cables that connect to your action camera or smartphone. The mic comes with a travel bag and deadcat windshield.

Its Movo VXR10 Pro has a better sound quality, however, it has less high-frequency response than Rode. However, the downside is that in extremely turbulent conditions the Movo is prone to absorb excessive wind sound. This is even when the dead cat is on.

Sairen VM-Q1

Action Camera Microphone Attachment

I’ve only just come across Sairen. However, the VMQ1 microphone is getting some good reviews. It is priced at a low cost. It’s very small and comes with a dead cat, shock mount, along with foam and windshields.

The quality of the sound is not the best. The sound quality is not great, and at least one reviewer noted that the cable included with the mic was extremely loud. With an upgrade in the cables, the sound quality is quite impressive even in the budget bracket.

Rode VideoMicro

Rode is a major factor in the scene of Vlogging as well as on YouTube. It is partly because they offer an array of microphones. It is evident that the Rode “sound” appears to be able to satisfy the needs of content creators as well as consumers.

The VideoMicro could sound a bit less clear in the lower frequencies when in comparison to other models. This is due to the frequency response nearly removing the sub 100 Hz band. This is excellent for reducing traffic noise. Also, it makes the microphone highly effective in windy weather. This is particularly true with the deadcat windshield.


Let’s remember why we’re using external microphones. A microphone that is external can significantly enhance the quality of the video recordings you make. This is the case in nearly every circumstance.

You must consider the type of recording that you make, the environment that you are recording in as well as your budget. This will help you decide which of these microphones is the most suitable for your needs.

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