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5 Ways to Boost Online Business Communication


Ineffective communication makes it difficult for staff members to meet expectations and finish projects within the allotted time frame, so it’s not only a matter of money. Staff morale may decline as a result, and conflict may rise.

Online communication is an efficient way to communicate with colleagues. These five tips will help you improve your business communication online. We will also discuss how an IT ticketing system can simplify the process.

Tips for Business Communication

1. Use clear language

Communication in business is affect by the use of incorrect language.

It is easy to misunderstand the meaning of what is being said, or the speaker’s intention. Avoid using technical terms or jargon that may not be understood. Choose simple terms that are easy to understand.

These are some other tips to help you communicate clearly and concisely in business communication

  1. Avoid long paragraphs
  2. Use the correct vocabulary, and confirm if you are unsure
  3. Structure sentences properly
  4. Use the correct tense
  5. Punctuate sentences

Acronyms are useful for simplifying communication and allowing you to quickly pass on information. Some acronyms can be confusing and have multiple meanings.

Use acronyms in your text. The shorter reference will be easily identified by the reader the next time they encounter it.

Online business communication is also improve by proofreading. Employees should be remind to double-check their messages before they are sent. Provide proofreading tools to assist employees in detecting errors and improving communication accuracy.

2. A Business Communication Solution is a Good Option

Multiple online tools can impact workflows. Teams Employees may not check all channels regularly and miss important information. They may also miss important information if they don’t read it in time.

These issues can be avoid by using a business communication tool. Integrate company channels with Azure or get a Microsoft Teams solution. These tools make collaboration easier and make it easier for employees to handle tasks. You can also tag employees in chat to grab their attention.

These solutions can improve online communication and make ticket management and service desk operations more efficient. End user employees will be able to receive help by using an IT Service Desk app through Microsoft Teams.

This solution makes it easier for service desk analysts to work Where they would rather work This includes the Microsoft app, web application, email, and mobile.

3. Give Detailed Responses:

A detailed response is another tip to improve online communication within your business. Anticipate any follow-up questions from colleagues before you answer their inquiries. Make sure you address the issue raised and answer any questions.

This will increase efficiency and speed up communication.

Because of limited information, you may not be able to understand certain inquiries. Ask for clarification if you are unsure about what type of assistance an employee requires.

You can save time by not providing useless responses. You will also be able to perform your job efficiently and avoid costly business errors.

4. Choose the Right Tone:

Online communication is not able to provide non-verbal cues so it is important that you use the correct tone. The nature of the workplace environment can affect the appropriate tone. It could also vary depending on the rank or role of the recipient in the company.

Respect is a key part of business communication. It should show a willingness and ability to assist, regardless of who the recipient is.

To ensure you are using the correct tone, here are some other suggestions:

  • Use a calm, confident demeanor
  • Paralanguage is a powerful tool for audio messages
  • Respect for others and authority

Avoid using protector words such as “just” and “I think,” which can weaken the message’s power. Avoid using words that are more powerful than “obviously” or other superior words. They can indicate disrespect and make the recipient feel less valued.

5. Increase Access to Business Information:

A coworker’s productivity could be hamper if they don’t have access to the information. If you change the passwords for your system and don’t notify other employees, employees may be frustrate when they try to log in. The service desk team may also waste time looking for errors that are not there.

Communication of system changes and updates in advance is a way to avoid hiccups. Also, make sure to provide training and business communication guides for new employees.

Another idea is to centralize project files and share them in a communication platform such as Microsoft Teams. Not only can team members access call recordings but they can also create folders to organize assets under each “files” tab.

Principles of Business Communication That You Should Follow:

These principles are design to help you communicate messages effectively in your workplace. These principles can increase engagement and help with problem solving. It supports the distribution of information to the intended recipient.

Here are some principles of business communication you should try:

  • Completeness
  • Correctness
  • Take into account
  • Concreteness

You can also improve your online communication by using critical thinking. Prior to responding to an issue raised, identify what triggered it. Then make sure you provide a solution.

Improve Business Communication With Tikit:

Communication between business and employees is essential as it can affect workflows and employee output. Tikit provides a solution for IT support and service desk teams. We can help you communicate and solve problems in a friendly manner.

Our tool allows you to track support requests, triage and categorize them, and create workflows. View a demo to see how Microsoft Teams’ collaboration and communication capabilities transform the ticketing process.

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